A brief history of GCI (formally WCG) in Klang, Malayia.

The establishment of Grace Communion International (GCI) in Klang is closely tied to the history of the denomination in Malaysia. The first members in Malaysia and Singapore came into contact with the GCI in the 1960s mainly through the Plain Truth magazine then published by the church headquarters in California, USA. Church representatives from the regional office in Australia would visit Plain Truth readers who expressed interest in Christianity, and counsel or baptize them. These visits, usually a few times a year, continued through to the early 1980s, as membership gradually increased. Thus began the church in Malaysia and Singapore with small groups of people who had committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

In 1986 Yong Chin Gee became the first local pastor until his retirement in 2005. Wong Mein Kong, who had been assistant pastor since 1995, succeeded him as pastor. He is assisted by three other elders in the Klang church. In the early years members met in rented function rooms of hotels in Kuala Lumpur. In 1992 the church relocated to leased premises in Taman Selatan, Klang. In 2008 the church moved to a shoplot that it had bought, located in Mutiara Point, Jalan Meru, Klang.

In 1999 GCI Malaysia became a corporate member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Malaysia. In 2002 the Klang church started publication of the Plain Truth as a local magazine of Christian understanding. The magazine is distributed free of charge to subscribers in Malaysia and Singapore as an evangelistic ministry.

The church has a congregation in Kulai, Johor and another in Singapore. There are several small house groups of members located around the country. One of the annual highlights of the church celebration is the Festival, usually held in October, that provides an opportunity for our members in Malaysia and Singapore to gather for spiritual instruction, fellowship and recreation.

In 2011 the former Malaysian WCG changed its name to Grace Communion International to reflect the new name of the denomination.


The Plain Truth magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis and is sponsored by the Grace Communion International Malaysia, which is a member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia.